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Interview with the Author behind….

Leona Sheridan Q1. So tell us about Leona Answer: Leona is the daughter of the president of LaHao and she has that pampered princess thing going on. She’s one of those people that you love to hate cause she’s got a lot going for her: looks, money, and she’s pretty smart too. But despite having… Continue reading Interview with the Author behind….

Granted Updates!!, Updates

Granted: Book 1 – Kick-Start

It's been a bit of a challenge for us undertaking this project; writing nine characters with ten chapters each has been tough.

Granted Updates!!, Updates

Granted Update! Aaron, Leona and Ilyana Chapter 3 are up!!

Now that Aaron and Ilyana have discovered their powers, what are they gonna do? And what do the Leona's kidnappers plan to do with her? Find out in this week's chapter 3! Click the picture to get to the chapter!