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Literary Wri-Actors

Each action has an equal but opposite reaction. – Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of physics.

But what that gotta do with writing tho?



Okay I see the sea of lost faces. Let me explain.

For the majority of us, we don’t write about something unless it bothers us ennit? I’m not talking about when we dip into the annals of our imagination (although, we only create the scenes we wish to see in our minds). I’m referring to the social commentary that we do. When we’re tired of the injustice so we write that piece on police brutality; or when our heart gets broken so we write that piece on the dangers of love; or when we got that promotion (Damn Right!) so we write about how good it feels to be appreciated for the hard work that we put in.

The common denominator in all that is that we write from a place that was affected by something else.

Is it wrong?

giphy (1).gif

Is it comfortable?

giphy (2).gif

Are we capable of getting out of our comfort zone and doing something different?

giphy (3).gif

Okay, okay. Imma pump the brakes a lil bit.

It is a bit scary to get out of the comfort zone and what comes easy to us but, as writers we must make a concerted effort to write about things that we may not be affected by directly but are issues/situations that are currently taking place.


Because we are the voice of many who do not get to speak. We can shed on things that remain otherwise unseen, in ways that make it easier to process the information. Of course, that might require us to do research (stop rolling your eyes), ask questions and so forth, but in the end, it’s going to be good for us. We will see the growth of our skills, as well as our audience.

Take it from me, Ms. I-Only-Write-When-I’m-Affected; taking a more deliberate approach has sharpened my ability and increased my production.

So every now and then, run away from the Reactionary and embrace the Deliberate.



*All gifs taken from giphy.com. Cover photo taken from Google.

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