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Interview with the Author Behind….


Q1. So tell us about Leonard?

Answer: Leonard is that guy, you know what I mean? He’s the cool guy; he’s easy-going, knows what’s up and is really down to earth. He’s from Melanjé which is loosely based on the Caribbean and a few other places, so he’s definitely got that chill guy vibe. On the other hand, he’s a bit complex because he’s sort of unpredictable even to me. I just knew that I wanted him to be very, very, human.

Q2. How did you come up with the character?

Answer: Leonard…Leonard was kinda tough. You know how when you try to be too different it just comes out wrong? Well, I didn’t want that. After we decided to split the nature element into plant and animal (Flora and Fauna), he sort of just emerged from there.

Q3. How much of Leonard is like you?

Answer: Truthfully, I think he’s the character I’m writing that is the least like me. Actually, he might be a bit of what I would kind of like to be… maybe. What we do have in common is the fact that we both mess up a bit when it comes to sticking to our goals. We mean well, but we fall into old habits sometimes.

Q4. What was your biggest challenge when writing Leonard?

Answer: So, like I said, he’s pretty different from me which makes it difficult to get into his head and even tougher to write as him. A lot of the time, I’ll have to read it over and say, “I don’t think he would say something like this.”

Q5. What do you think people will relate to about Leonard?

Answer: I think we all know someone like Leonard. Someone who is effortlessly cool and you just kinda of wish that person was your friend. But beyond that, I think we all know what it’s like to make a resolution and then struggle to keep it. Oh, and how much he loves his mom.

Q6. What would you do if you had his/her power?

Answer: Mm, I never really thought about it. I guess if I had his power I’d use vines to travel like Spider-man does, but I’m scared of heights so I don’t know…

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