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Interview with the Author behind….

6ALeona Sheridan

Q1. So tell us about Leona

Answer: Leona is the daughter of the president of LaHao and she has that pampered princess thing going on. She’s one of those people that you love to hate cause she’s got a lot going for her: looks, money, and she’s pretty smart too. But despite having so much, she feels like a part of her life is missing so she’s trying to fix that.

Q2. How did you come up with the character?

Answer: Well, seeing as how she represents the Animal side of Nature (Fauna) I wanted her to be the kind of girl could go from Beauty to Beast in a hot second. I think sealing with those two aspects of who she is makes her really compelling.

Q3. How much of Leona is like you?

Answer: I feel like she’s a female version of me with the attitude levels turned way up. Also, I feel like she and I connect on dealing with the warring aspects of your personality and making the person you are, a product of your own choices.

Q4. What was your biggest challenge when writing Leona?

Answer: Leona writes herself I swear; which is true to her character. I remember I’d written about six of her chapters while the other characters were back on two or three. The most difficult part of writing her? Making sure she has some redeeming qualities (author laughs).

Q5. What do you think people will relate to about Leona?

Answer: Leona has her attitude, yes. But i think people will realise that she uses it to mask her actual feelings and honestly, most of us can relate to that.

Q6. What would you do if you had his/her power?

Answer: The ability of any animal when I wanted? I’d improve my agility and acrobatics. My reflexes would be crazy sharp….I feel like I would get into fights. So maybe I shouldn’t have her powers.

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