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Q1. So tell us about Aaron.

Answer: Aaron is a young, intelligent man with a curious mind who is fighting to establish his way in the world. He is ultimately looking for his father’s approval which pushes him into achieving perfection (which he interprets as excellence) in all that he does. Of course, this isn’t always possible, and so he has to learn to manage the expectations he has for himself and others.

Q2. How did you come up with the character?

Answer: This character was already formed by the time I got to him. He was the brainchild of Jonathan Liddell. I took him over after some time. I will say though, that I have begun to take him on a discovery, not only of himself but of the people around. He’s going to grow up.

Q3. How much of Aaron is like you?

Answer: About 20% if I had to estimate. I do strive for excellence (not perfection), however, I’m quite at home with my shortcomings and accept them for what they are.

Q4. What was your biggest challenge when writing Aaron?

Answer: Being that I did not start him off, the biggest challenge was continuing his story in a way that rang through to what was already written while maintaining my writing style. I did have help with that and now I’m at a more comfortable space with him.

Q5. What do you think people will relate to about Aaron?

Answer: Aaron’s eagerness about what he loves. I’m surrounded by people like him who thirst for knowledge and hold the information that they acquire. I think also, pushing for a parent’s approval is something that people, young and old, will be able to relate to.

Q6. What would you do if you had his/her power?

Answer: I’d never be late. Everyone else will simply be… early.


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