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Pushing (A little encouragement)

I’m not going to pretend to be some kind of Guru or have all the answers; nor am I going to really tell you anything that you don’t already know. What I am about to do, is talk to you. (It gets lonely sometimes, humor me a lil bit.)

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You’re not going to get anywhere in life unless you push


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You might have to push some buttons, push past some obstacles or just plain out pushing yourself to the front of the line. Yes, yes. I know that pushiness is a trait that is looked down on, but with moderation it is an absolute necessity. Having your own internal driving force and being willing and able to market yourself is an indispensable tool. Just don’t get carried away and become that person – like the girl in the gif above who has me rolling.

There are so many people in the world who, straight up, have the same dream as you, but you know what, you may have a unique plan that would actually be the best. SO let me ask you: who’s going to learn of your dream if you don’t push yourself to speak up and get the ball rolling? That’s right, no one.

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You might have supportive friends and family now but there is going to come a time when it will be you and you alone in the face of the person who can make or break your future. It will be you and you alone sitting in front of a pile of books and assignments. It will be you and you alone who has to persevere to complete a project no one else believes in and at that point, all you will be able to do is push yourself.

There are too many brilliant, intelligent, creative, talented people doing jobs and living a life they have no zeal for simply because they backed down at the first sign of difficulty or risk. Let me tell you, risk isn’t always bad, and if you don’t take the risk and push yourself, no matter how much money, how much material you attain, you won’t feel accomplished. It only really means something when you know how much you fought to earn it.

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Real talk, this is a lesson I have to give myself over and over; but here’s what: walking up a hill is tough, but the view at the top is most definitely worth it. So, I know you’re gonna make it and you’re going to be great. I just  hope you’re ready to push, and you’re ready to fight like this girl is…

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Hey, feel free to leave a comment here or on our facebook and share how you pushed  and how you achieved!


Stay Beautiful,

Ya Boy,




(None of the images and gifs used in this blog are the property of the JC Collective. Credit goes to the creators)


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